Here's something we never saw coming! The king of trash TV, Jerry Springer himself, holding court with the princes of pop, One Direction. There was no chair throwing, but it was one helluva 1D Day celebration nonetheless!

Springer had some hilarious quizzes for the boys for 1D Day (Nov. 23), as well as for the lucky Directioners who'd won the chance to celebrate alongside the band.

Springer hosted games including one that had toddlers describe each of the band members, then had the members themselves guess who the heck the kids were talking about. Too. Cute. The tie breaker for Liam Payne and Zayn Malik was a "pin the hair on the 1D member" (similar to pin the tail on the donkey), for which the winner (spoiler alert!) Payne won $20 of the host's own cash -- which he gave to fans. What a sweetie!

Another highlight? Springer's trademark "Final Thoughts," just like on his magically still syndicated talk show. Only this time, the "Final Thoughts" had a twist: They were all One Direction song titles! Well done, boys. Well done.