Jill Blackstone, a television producer who worked on The Jerry Springer Show, was taken into custody on Saturday (March 14) under suspicion of murder, but has already been released. Charges against Blackstone have been dropped by the Los Angeles district attorney, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

TMZ reports that the victim was Jill's deaf and partially blind sister, Wendy Blackstone. Wendy appears to have died from carbon monoxide exposure, though an exact cause of death won't be known until the toxicology results are available. Wendy was discovered in the garage of the Los Angeles home she shared with Jill, holding a partially written suicide note. Law enforcement officials suspect the scene of her death was staged.

According to TMZ, Jill told paramedics that she had passed out as well before waking up and calling a friend for help. Jill was also allegedly hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning for two days after the incident. Wendy had reportedly not been seen by anyone in the days leading up to her death.

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