Gave Me Something - Official Fan Lyric VideoI’m so proud to have the most amazing fans - THANK YOU for joining me in my lyric video for Gave Me Something, you all look amazing! You can now get the track straight away if you preorder my album.

Posted by Jess Glynne on Monday, August 17, 2015

Jess Glynne cries when she laughs, if her new album title is to be believed, but we're all smiles upon a listen of the artist's newest track, "Gave Me Something."

Glynne, whose I Cry When I Laugh is available on September 11 in the United States, released the tune this morning (August 17) via Soundcloud and Facebook. Where the equally-fresh "Why Me" lamented love lost, "Gave Me Something" subsists on hope that real romance can exist.

"You gave me hope and you let me know that / If I gave you time you'll all be mine / You gave me something I didn't have before," Glynne belts over the hook with the help of a backing choir. Yet again, she manages to deliver catchy dance-pop that doesn't come at the expense of the tune's raw sentiment, and she seems to be thrilled the message is catching on.

"I’m so proud to have such amazing fans. THANK YOU for being in my lyric video for 'Gave Me Something' you look amazing!" she captioned an accompanying clip, in which listeners pass pieces of paper that feature the song's words to each other.

Glynne's also released videos for "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself," "Hold My Hand" and "Why Me" ahead of her debut's release.

Take a listen to "Gave Me Something," tell us what you think and be sure to pick up Glynne's debut album soon!

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