With her dreamy, breathy, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine-like voice, Jess Kellner made quite an impression at the blind auditions of Season 4 of 'The Voice' during tonight's (March 25) premiere. She sang Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling in Love' and by the first two notes, both new coaches Usher and Shakira had turned their chairs around for her.

We're surprised that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton didn't turn their chairs around, but they were happy to be spectate as the "newbies" fought over her.

The Austin, Texas native with the nose ring had such a silky timbre, despite a lack of pitch perfection. Shakira was blown away by Kellner's vocal richness, as were we, and the pint-sized singer disagreed with Levine that there was too much "Adele" in Kellner's voice. Kellner is decidedly less raspy than Adele, but she is just as adorable and has plenty of fosterable talent. Her voice was so unique that it drew us in like a magnet.

Kellner ultimately chose Usher, who said "Good choice!" as he approached the stage to engulf her in a hug and to welcome her to Team Usher Raymond IV. The R&B superstar's cockiness is already making Season 4 fun. Yes, we miss Cee Lo, but Ush has us hooked.