Jesse Campbell was the first tearjerker of the new season of NBC's 'The Voice,' both in his performance and his heartbreaking back story.

Campbell revealed that wife left him because as a struggling singer, he couldn't provide the life she wanted. Once she was gone, he was left homeless. "I slept in my car holding my daughter to my chest," he said. Thankfully, Campbell's brother soon moved nearby, giving him a place to stay while he got back on his feet. He sings in churches and at weddings to make ends meet. "Winning 'The Voice' would be a fresh start for me and my daughter," Campbell said, tearing up. "This one's for you, baby girl."

Campbell immediately blew everyone away with his rendition of Leon Russell's 'A Song For You,' a moving tribute to his daughter. Coaches Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera hit their buttons before Campbell even finished his first note, immediately followed by Adam Levine and finally Blake Shelton a few seconds later. He was the first contestant the coaches fought over this season!

"I would give you the time you need to win," Aguilera said firmly. "I will fight for you."

"Congratulations, what an impact you've made on this show already," Shelton said. He expressed shock at his own taking so long to turn his chair around. "I'm the dumba--- who just started watching the show!"

"Aw, man, you touched me deep down," Cee Lo implored. "As soon as I heard you, I said, 'That's my man, that's my brother.'"

Xtina wasn't letting her boy go without a fight. "I got soul too, just not the same color as Cee Lo," Aguilera said. Of course, Cee Lo couldn't let that go so easily. "Everybody's the same color with the lights off," Cee Lo wisecracked, earning a high five from Levine.

"You gave me goosebumps," Levine said. "I made it work last year, and I'd love to do it again with you." The fellow coaches groaned as he sat smugly -- but he didn't stay that way for long.

After ruminating over a cliffhanger commercial break (that was cruel!), Campbell revealed that the first person who came to his mind was Aguilera. "You said you would fight for me, and I'm ready to fight." With her diva rep and her hit 'Fighter' blasting in the background, Xtina took Campbell's hand. "We're going to fight!"

"I was blown away. It was a dream that just came to fruition," Campbell said. Time to get those gloves on!

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