Chicago-based dad Jesse Campbell has a big voice. But on tonight's episode of 'The Voice' (April 16), his coach Christina Aguilera chose Beyonce's 'Halo' as his song for his quarterfinal performance. Campbell can sing. That's never been disputed not will it ever be, but his choices have been safe, as opposed to adventurous. Tonight, he went the adventuresome route, with a little help from Xtina, who pushed him to be confident and to try something a little unexpected.

Wearing a hat and suspenders, standing at the top of the steps, Campbell ripped through the Queen B's ballad, singing directly to his daughter, who lived in his car with him when they were homeless. Photos of Campbell and his daughter were projected on the stage while he performed. The staging of this performance certainly matched he way he sang da hell out dat song!

Campbell started the song out slow, and it took a few minutes to pick up, but by the time he wound down, he was ripping through those notes like he was singing for his kid, Bey, her daughter Blue Ivy and any single parent out there. The camera panned to his daughter in the crowd, as she broke into tears while he sang. Okay, we shed a few too, because it was cute.

It was a spot on performance, from the look to the sound. We expect Campbell to remain in the thick of competition.

Watch Jesse Campbell Perform 'Halo' on 'The Voice'