Actress and mom Jessica Alba has advice for new parents Beyonce and Jay-Z: Sell Blue Ivy's first photos! While one could easily assume celebs like Alba sell their baby's pictures for a payday, there's actually a very different reason behind these types of arrangements.

Alba explained that selling the photos helps to avoid an onslaught of paparazzi. "If there's a price tag on your child -- which is so bizarre -- people will go to crazy lengths. We wanted to avoid that hysteria," Alba told Showbiz Tonight (via the New York Daily News) of her deal regarding her first daughter, Honor. “For our family, we just wanted to control the experience.” Alba made about $1.5 million from OK! magazine for the photos in 2008.

Alba revealed more about the process. “We were friends with the photographer. It was just a nice day in the house,” she said simply. “We’ll have those beautiful pictures forever. You can give the money to charity and to your baby and that’s it. But the biggest thing is having a healthy baby … I’m sure Beyonce will make the best decision for her family.” We are, too. According to those closest to Bey, she was "born to be a mother!"

Though Bey and Jay don't need the payday at all, we wouldn't be surprised if they did sell the photos to protect Blue's privacy. Chances are they'd donate the proceeds to charity -- just like her baby gifts. It seems like everyone would win in this situation.

Now, if they could hurry up and get on that already, that'd be great. We've already heard Blue's voice, but we can't wait to see her face!