You can be a world-famous actress married to one of the most notoriously suave entertainers on Earth, but that doesn't mean you're too cool to shake your booty every once in awhile. Just ask Mrs. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel.

TMZ's ever-present hordes of sentient camera drones captured Biel shaking her tail feather at Wednesday night's (Feb. 20) Timberlake concert, and while one of the network's staffers derided the clip (embedded above) as being an example of "dancing like a nerd," we have a hard time snarking on this -- as one of the post's original commenters put it, "The thing about dancing is it's supposed to be a physical expression of how you're feeling, not a specific set of moves to impress anyone else. Generally speaking, if you're not making a fool of yourself dancing, you ain't doin' it right."

Of course, few would accuse Biel's hubby of "doin' it wrong," and he looks far from foolish while executing his impeccably choreographed dance moves -- but still, judging from her exuberant moves here, Biel's feeling pretty good about things these days. And why not? With Timberlake poised to release his eagerly anticipated new record 'The 20/20 Experience,' host 'Saturday Night Live' and launch a tour, these are exciting times for the newlyweds.