Fans of 'American Horror Story' have one thing to look forward to in the show's upcoming fourth season titled 'Freak Show.' Series creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed yesterday, Sept. 30, that Jessica Lange will be covering a Lana Del Rey song at some point.

A fan named Tina tweeted to Murphy that she felt that the previews for 'AHS: Freak Show' were too intense for her tastes, saying, "I've been a loyal viewer but I am OUT on this one...between trailers and your comments, it is more than I can handle."

Murphy saw her tweet and responded, "Tina, don't be afraid! The clown is scary, true. But don't you wanna see Jessica Lange sing a Lana Del Rey song?"

An icon like Jessica Lange singing a Lana Del Rey song? We're very curious to see which one she'll be singing.

Of course, the character would most likely not realize she's singing a Lana Del Rey song. 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' will take place in 1952 and is centered around one of the last remaining freak shows in America.

The show premieres Oct. 8 on FX.