On tonight's (May 16) episode of 'American Idol,' the final three perform a song selected by the judges, a song they chose themselves and a song picked by series mentor Jimmy Iovine. For her judge-chosen song, the lovely Jessica Sanchez sang Mariah Carey's tender ballad 'My All.'

Doing Mariah is always dangerous, and the judges often warn against "going there," because M to the C is in a diva class all by her own self. So how did Bebe Chez fare?

Well, her Sasha Fierce-ian alter ego did not show herself. That said, the performance had its moments.

It was a subdued performance that started out way too quiet. We struggled to hear the lyrics and for the most part, Sanchez didn't hit many big notes. But then again, we already know that she can sing the phone book or a Chinese restaurant menu and make it sound utterly exquisite. The teen showed a softer side and her tenderness, and that she could exercise control in a beautifully refined way.

She did look extra pretty in her deep purple gown, too. We sometimes forget she is 16.

We will say this. Sanchez is a belter. She has a voice that commands attention. But it's almost too flawless. We want the "warts and all" approach. We'd love to see her rough it up or show some edge. Bring it, Bebe!

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform 'My All' on 'American Idol'