'American Idol' contestant Jessica Sanchez is a diva in the making, so it was only appropriate that she serenade us in a Sasha Fierce fashion singing ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Beyonce Knowles. Sanchez coined Knowles as her idol stating “As a kid I used to try and do her moves, but I don’t anymore because I know I can’t do them!” We'd still like to see her give it the old college try.

Sanchez delivered a haunting rendition of the song -- taking her time and making the end sneak up all too soon. There wasn’t a glitch to be had and the judges were simply all smiles when the cameras cut to them.

Jennifer Lopez laughed and told Sanchez that if she was Beyonce she’d be sitting at home taking notes from her performance. Lopez added “There was a part where everyone thought you were going to sing on forever, that’s what good performers do – they leave you wanting more." Steven Tyler called Sanchez “delicious and beautiful” and told her no matter what, she’s a star. Randy Jackson commented “You have this innate and unbelievable talent and I look forward to hearing you every night. You told a story in a beautiful way."

Between the snow and fog, it's evident the 'American Idol' set designers really went to town this week. Sanchez performed in front of several red doors and while we don’t know what was on the other side, we’re guessing it’s a big fat recording contract regardless of her final Idol standings.

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform 'Sweet Dreams' on 'American Idol'