Getting a first person perspective on dating your fave artist seems to be a trend in pop music videos lately. One Direction did it with 'Night Changes,' Tiffany Houghton did it with her 'Blame It on the Snow' vid, and now, Jessica Sanchez has done it in her music video for 'This Love.'

Though the 19-year-old 'American Idol' alum could make an entire video with nothing but shots of that killer voice of hers, we're totally digging the vid's sweet, date-y vibe -- it's the perfect fit for such a happy-go-lucky song that is all about being in love.

Still, while Jessica is pretty much the epitome of adorable on the date with her unseen BF -- ice skating, going on a ferris wheel, you name it -- it's that Beyonce-like voice that stops us dead in our tracks and adds a serious depth and maturity to the song. Jessica may be young, but don't be fooled: The girl can sing. And she can bring it with the best of 'em.

Check out Jessica Sanchez's 'This Love' video above!