Hot on the heels of her revelation that she is pregnant with her first child, blond beauty Jessica Simpson is launching a line of skin care products. Simpson, who launched a successful line of edible cosmetics and body treats in the mid '00s, has the Midas Touch. Whether its handbags, shoes, or fragrances, her branding empire goes for the gold and sells hand over fist -- it only makes sense that she is further immersing herself in the skin care world with BeautyMint.

Come on ladies, you can't deny that Simpson's skin always looks absolutely flawless and luminous! We want what she's got, and now we can have it!

BeautyMint offers skin care solutions that are all about you, you and you! Simpson said, "Beauty is something you need to find for yourself" and that "inner confidence reflects well on your skin." She acknowledges that as she gets older -- she is all of 31 -- she wants to do whatever she can to slow down her skin's aging process and that starts with taking good care of it with the proper products. She's passing her knowledge and ability to address such skin concerns to women all over the world.

BeautyMint is Simpson's collaborative effort with Nerida Joy, and the overarching philosophy behind the line is that expensive doesn't always mean effective. BeautyMint offers personalized skin care based on a person's individual skin issues, offering targeted solutions and goals. You don't need to have Jessica Simpson's bank account in order to enjoy a gorgeous complexion.

Watch Jessica Simpson Tell the BeautyMint Story