Part of Jessica Simpson's charm is how down-to-earth and open she is.


This week, however, Simpson's followers were treated to some TMI from the singer-now-shoe-designer when she tweeted from the toilet. Simpson posted a photo from the bathroom at Bergdof Goodman of herself sitting on the john, her feet dangling above the floor, with the caption, "Short girl problems."

First off, if you're shopping at Bergdof Goodman, chances are you don't have many problems. Second, if your legs are too short to touch the floor, ostensibly your arms are too short to photograph the rest of you from this angle -- so who, pray tell, took this picture? Third, you're in a public -- however high end -- restroom and you design killer stilletos. Where in the name of all that are your shoes? Fourth -- and this is just a reminder to everyone -- big, tall, short or small, girls don't poop. Just throwing that out there.

Height has nothing to do with this. Aside from being barefoot in a public bathroom (gross!), Simpson's biggest problem is that she's short on discretion.