'American Idol' auditioner Jessica Whitely, 19, said that she sings the national anthem at football games and such. That would be a decent enough indicator of her ability to sing, right? Wrong.

The pretty, brown-haired Ohio native started off complimenting Steven Tyler's floppy hat, since flattery gets you everywhere. Except to Hollywood, when you are auditioning for 'Idol' and you can't sing. Whitely turned in a terrible rendition of Charice's 'In This Song,' which is quite pretty and epic when, well, done right. By someone who can actually sing.

Whitely had one of the oddest voices we've ever heard, with a deep baritone that left the judges speechless. The trio didn't say a word, until Randy Jackson broke the silence with "Awful." He then said, "Baby, this is not your vibe." Tyler was nicer, saying she takes her shot, but it's not quite going through the net.

Whitely blamed her inability to sing on dehydration. What, no water in the contestant waiting room? Even so, dehydration is not the cause of inability to carry a tune.

The teen also told the judges they'd see her in Texas…as in she would be returning for a second audition when they hit the Lone Star State. The judges commented that she shouldn't waste her time with that drive.

The judges said the auditions in Savannah were going really well…up until this point.

Watch Jessica Whitely Sing Charice's 'In This Song' on 'American Idol'