Jessie of Jessie + the Toy Boys really knows how to turn up the sexual heat, whether she's soaking in the tub or having a backyard BBQ. She also knows how to make a campy (and maybe even tacky) reference to a cultural event (bath-salts-as-cannibalism-causing-drug) in her new video for 'On With My Bad Self,' too.

Throughout the whole video, Jessie is a supreme sexpot, whether she is all slick and slinking around in the tub, running her pink-manicured hands over her legs or wearing eggplant-hued lipstick while holding balloons or while lounging on a chair in a pink body suit, demonstrating that she is at the height of her Lolita powers. Jessie picked up her moves at the Britney Spears School of Semi-Jail Bait and is quite a sex kitten.

Jessie oozes sexiness from every pore, even when she twists a hula hoop or brandishes a plastic pistol while wearing patriotic gear. She even makes a thinly-veiled reference to the new drug du jour on the streets, which are bath salts. Remember that story that caught national media attention when one user whacked out on bath salts went nuts and turned into a cannibal, eating the face of a homeless man in Miami? Well, we see Jessie as a blood-drenched, flesh-eating zombie in a scene after which she holds up the bath salts. The implication is there. There's also a bit of a gross connection between the flesh-eating and the BBQ that might make you lose your lunch.

There is a lot going on in this video and while we love her, Jessie is trying a little too hard to be Brit's heir apparent. Jessie, you're hot. We know it. You know it. You don't need to pout as much or be quite so babyish and breathy. Just do your thing. And maybe skip the bath salts refs next time out.