Jessie J took Taylor Swift's breakup anthem 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and had her way with it while appearing on the BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge on Sept. 19. The British diva re-imagined the song as a slow-burning, acoustic lament, without disrespecting the spirit of the punchy original.

While Swift's version is sassy and upbeat -- sonically speaking -- Jessie J matched the sound of her rendition to the lyrics and turned in a heartbreaking version that conveys the ache inherent in the words.

Jessie J also infused her rendition of T. Swizzle's hit with vocal soul. The fact that the song lends itself to such a reworking is a testament to Swift's brilliance as a songwriter. The song can be reinterpreted as a ballad, which is just what Double J did.

But we are loving what Jessie J did with this track. She made it new, and that's not easy to do, since it's such a familiar smash hit. That said, the girl can sing and we can feel the pain in her voice as she delivers each note.

PopCrushers, we have to know what you think. Did Jessie J kill it or did she take too many creative liberties by slowing things down?

We're thinking T. Swizzle would give her seal of approval and two thumbs up, since she is good like that.