If there were any doubts that the high-energy 'Bang Bang' would be a showstopper at the 2014 American Music Awards tonight (Nov. 23), all such fears were forgotten the second Jessie J confidently cat-walked in a gold catsuit through the crowd from the back of the floor to start the song.

She fearlessly delivered her smash hit to the assembled A-listers, bumping booties with Jennifer Lopez and shaking her stuff with the likes of Taylor Swift and Lorde. The audience was eating from her hand -- and they hadn't even seen or heard from collaborators Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj yet!

Ariana was up next, singing sexily from a chair while wearing a super-short and super-shiny gold outfit. Not long after, a similarly clad Nicki joined in, spitting her signature split-second rhymes. Jessie and Ariana continued their vocal fireworks while the screens simultaneously showed colorful pyrotechnics. All were equally hot!

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