It's hard to get a feel for a song with only a 20 second snippet to go on, but that didn't stop British pop tart Jessie J from issuing less than half-a-minute of her new Dr. Luke-produced single, 'Domino.' Even though it's really short, it did its job, since we are left dying to hear the rest of it!

Thanks, Jessie J! You are such a tease. Here's what we can surmise from this lightning quick, 20 second sample. The song is bouncy and Jessie J sings "Ooh, ooh, ooh" in her kittenish voice. The song sounds like something that Jessie J's (formerly) fellow raven haired peer Katy Perry would record.

Jessie sings about being held like a bass drum ... Whatever that means. But overall, the song presents itself as an end-of-summer tune that makes you want to put your hands up while you roll the top down.

The singer's label is actually releasing the whole song on Aug. 30 and it's scheduled to impact radio a week later, so 'Domino' truly is a late summer dance anthem. It'll be an Indian summer, thanks to Jessie J's breezy, danceable new track. This one makes us fall for Jessie J all over again, since she first had us at 'Price Tag.'

Listen to Jessie J 'Domino'