In her new video for 'Domino,' British pop starlet Jessie J spends her time jetting from coast to coast across the United States, making pit stops in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. If it was American culture and major metropolises that Jessie J craved, she certainly got what she wanted by hitting up these major urban centers! The video consists of footage culled from the singer while on the road in the U.S., promoting her music and doing touristy stuff.

Jessie J takes the subway, high-fives her littlest fans, poses for pictures, dances in heels and has a general good time in the Big Apple. Lots of the clip's behind-the-scenes shots are in black and white, with a dose of color courtesy of her electric purple lipstick. Someone get this girl a lipstick endorsement deal, stat. Rimmel? Maybelline? Boots No. 7? MAC? Cover Girl? Jessie J is a lipstick fiend and could help sell a few tubes for cosmetic companies.

Nevertheless, Jessie loves the camera and it loves her back, as she always looks fantastic in front of it. That's why we suggest a makeup endorsement. All the pop stars have 'em and part of that gig is lots of print ads and commercials.

When she's in Hollywood, Jessie J dances, hangs from a swingset on the beach and the Hollywood sign is visible behind her a few times. She wastes no time in Sin City, either.

She shows off a variety of looks, including a faux hawk, loud print lounge pants, wayfarer sunglasses and her signature Bettie Page bangs and bob.

We have to point out, though, that the song is quite reminiscent of Katy Perry, so now Jessie and Katy have something else in common besides extremely shiny black hair -- when Perry's not dyeing it pink or blue, mind you! The song has same tone and tempo as 'Teenage Dream' so expect more than a few Perry fans to point out the sonic similarity.

Even so, the video for 'Domino' allows us to ride sidecar with the British singer as she hits the road and has fun.

Update: Jessie J has confirmed that this isn't the official video for 'Domino.' Jessie J tweeted the following message to let her fans know: "Its not the official video for domino. For all #heartbeats asking : ) x."

Watch the Jessie J 'Domino' Video