British diva Jessie J hopped across the pond to perform her single 'Domino' on tonight's elimination episode of 'X Factor' and she was in her element. The live TV setting didn't trip her up or make her nervous, at all.

Miss J swapped out her trademark, boot-black, blunt-cut bob for a shiny blue wig in the same style. We love when our divas experiment with color when it comes to their coif!

Jessie was also wrapped in a strange, multi-colored, striped body suit and after her super sassy performance, she stopped to chat with host Steve Jones for a moment. She was out of breath and they got their flirt on, in front of millions of people. Jones didn't interrupt her like he always does to the judges when they offer their commentary. Mmm hmm. He was trying to curry favor with a pop star, right?

Jones pointed out that Jessie J already has what all the contestants want, in terms of fame, stardom and a career, so he asked her to dispense a little advice to help them on their journey. Jessie said she lives by some simple tenets: "Never expect, never presume, always work hard, always be true to yourself."

Jones joked about her offbeat outfit, to which the singer said she had another one like it backstage just for him. It felt like a lil' romantic spark between Jessie and Jones for a hot second. But then again, it could have been all for the camera.

Watch Jessie J Perform 'Domino' on the 'X Factor'