While most people will be busy counting calories and push ups to shed pounds come Jan. 1, Jessie J isn't among them. Her New Year's resolution? To gain weight. Tough life!

The 'Domino' songstress told Access Hollywood, “It’s important to know when you need to gain weight, or when you need to lose weight and be healthy.” Based on the Brit's body suits, she looks fine as is -- though a cupcake or two can never hurt. Jessie J has always been pretty body and health conscious. She's a spokeswoman for Vitamin Water, and her gams are so great that she shills tights.

Jessie J's resolution may be reaction to her sudden surge into the spotlight. While she's been a longtime songwriter (she helped pen the Miley Cyrus megahit 'Party in the U.S.A.'), her own music only recently garnered stateside stardom. Her track 'Pricetag,' produced by Dr. Luke and featuring B.o.B, went to the Top 40, and she was featured on David Guetta's 'Repeat' from his smash, 'Nothing But the Beat.' Her success caught the attention of another once-raven haired siren, Katy Perry, who took her on tour this fall -- and last night she made her mark on VH1's annual 'Divas Live' special.

Another makeover resolution? J, known as much for her trademark sleek bob (it's usually black, though it's also been purple) as for her songs, will shave her head for charity.  “I want to make a difference in the world,” she said. Apparently she also wants to make a difference in her image -- a big one!