Stylish UK pop sensation Jessie J is a "star" -- literally -- on the cover of the UK edition of Glamour, as she graces the August issue.

The 'Price Tag' singer shows off her snazzy (and not to mention enviable) street style, wrapped in a black sheath printed with stars. She wears her signature, mirror-shiny black hair in a blunt blob with Bettie Page-style bangs. However, the unpredictable singer, born Jessica Cornish, also drops a surprising bombshell about her bisexual lifestyle.

The people that this revelation won't shock is her family. They've known about her bedroom preferences for years and support her no matter what.

Jessie J, 23, also reveals that her first experience with a woman occurred at approximately the ripe age of 17, but it was more of an experience and not a full-blown relationship. She admitted, "It wasn't a girlfriend, more of my first girl experience. And that's an exclusive, I haven't told anyone that." So, now you (and all the Glamour UK readers) know.

The singer also elaborated on the Cornish family's acceptance of her alternative lifestyle, saying, "It's important for me to be open and honest about [my bisexuality]. My mom and dad have known for years and were super cool, my sisters made jokes about it because they were married with kids and I was the rebellious one. I had a girlfriend and tattoos."

The singer also said that her open policy about discussing her sexuality has made it easier for her (and others) to deal with. She said, "Because I haven’t tried to hide it, people have gone, 'Oh, she's so cool about it, so we're cool about it."

Since Jessie J adopts a bit of a lighthearted and fun attitude about her bisexuality, the accompanying photos and ensembles reflect the singer's fun spirit. She looks fab in the furry skirt and sky-high, ankle-strap platform wedges.

Watch the Jessie J 'Price Tag' Video