Singer Jessie J is as well-known for sleek, shiny black hair as she is for her catchy, frothy pop songs and her crazy, fashion-forward outfits.

While she had swapped out her blunt, eyebrow-skimming bangs and edgy bob for a longer, bang-less style and even went blonde for a bit, the British diva has returned to the short, bobbed look that she is best remembered for. Except this time, she is bobbed with a twist.

The 'Price Tag' singer shared a photo, asking fans "What do you all think?" Well, since you've asked, Jessie, we think it looks bangin', even sans bangs. The angled bob frames your face beautifully.

The singer is blessed where she can wear her locks short or long, bangs or bangs-less, and still look divine.

She also shared a photo of the "short black and sides" style, along with other photos of her getting her hair done here. It's like we accompanied her on her trip to the salon.

We've noticed that the 'Domino' hitmaker is actually generous with photos of her stylish self on Twitter, so if you don't follow her, and you love her style and want to copy her looks, you might as well start checking her tweetage.

Watch the Jessie J 'Domino' Video