Jessie J + Justin Bieber = BFFs? We wouldn't go that far, but the 'Bang Bang' singer did pen the Biebs a handwritten letter offering support.

"I just felt like it was my duty. I handwrote it, old school," Jessie J told the Sun (quote via Sugarscape). "I was just like ‘I’m here, you’re amazing.'"

The pop star decided to lend a supportive hand to Bieber after his difficult year, which included two arrests and multiple run-ins (and lawsuits) with the paparazzi.

"He’s young and he’s got so much pressure on him," she reportedly said. "It’s easy for people to comment when he’s having a photo taken of him, but you don’t see what we see. When it’s just a picture of us, you’re not seeing the hundreds of people pushing you, kicking you and hurling abuse at you."

While her intentions were in the right place, the 'Price Tag' belter admitted that she didn't actually send Bieber the letter.

"I just didn’t think it was my place," she admitted. "I know people who know him, so I could have got it (the letter) to him. But instead I just made sure his people knew I was available to speak to me as I have been to many artists."

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