Jessie J has been in the music game longer than we thought! The British powerhouse is now a viral sensation, thanks to a YouTube video of a 12-year-old Jessie J in her school play, 'Bugsy Malone.'While J's looks are almost unrecognizable (where are the bangs and lipstick?!), her vocal talent is more than apparent, even at such a young age. Clad in a pale purple coat and matching hat, Jessie J steals the show in her role of Blousy Brown. The Daily Mail reports that Jessie J, known for her wild, sometimes risque wardrobe, borrowed her grandmother's coat and hat for the part!

The play takes place in the Prohibition era (1920s to 1931) and is loosely based on the gangster lifestyles of Al Capone and Bugs Moran. Jessie J's character, Blousey Brown, is an aspiring singer who the titular character, Bugsy Malone, falls in love with. She nails it!

A pal from Jessie J's school days told the Mail, "Jessie had the makings of a good voice back then and it was clear from an early age that she was a born show-off." C'mon, with a voice like that, can you blame her?

Watch Jessie J as Blousey Brown in 'Bugsy Malone'