Jessie J is one expressive entertainer. The fun-loving 'Domino' songstress is constantly flashing funny faces to photographers at red carpet events, and she also lets fans get glimpses of her in all her personal, zany glory via Twitter. We love Jessie J's funny expressions and poses so much, that we've decided to pay tribute to her various looks with a visual recap of her most hilarious faces. 

First off, we have to commend Ms. J, as she has a rock star lip curl that rivals both Mick Jagger and Billy Idol in their heydays. It's not just her lips that take on weird contortions though -- Jessie also has a tendency to cross her big ol' boppers or stick our her tongue when she's seeing trying to get a laugh.

However, when she's got props at her disposal, that's when Jessie J gets really creative with her silly face pictures. Sometimes, instead of eating her breakfast, she just prefers to stick cereal bites and spoons on her face. And other times, when she's out and about, she'll stick marshmallows in her teeth or will just randomly get her face painted like a tiger.

After seeing these pictures, one thing is clear to us: We need to hang out with Jessie J. She looks like so much fun! Check out some of Jessie J's most hilarious faces below.