British blue-eyed soul singer James Morrison and his fellow countrywoman, the always colorful Jessie J, don't give 'Up' in their brand-new collaborative video.

The singers emote quite a bit in the new video for Morrison's song 'Up,' which is a soft, dreamy and romantic ballad that is unlike anything that Jessie J has released prior. A teaser clip from the vid landed last week and the entire video builds upon what we already knew from the tease: there's some mounting tension between these two that eventually comes to a head. It's not a super dramatic climax, but it still works.

The video starts out with Morrison slowly descending a staircase in an old, charming building while Jessie is seated inside, singing and looking serious. At one point, they are back to back in the same room, singing. The video sets up these varying moments of tension and preps for them to eventually meet up face to face, which they do on the building's roof top where they sing to one another. The sun is close to setting, so both are drenched in sunlight for a few seconds. There's a lot of emotion in these scenes and there is heat, even though they never even touch one another.

This video certainly shows us a more muted side of the normally rainbow-ish Jessie J. She's subdued and muted, but still conveys plenty with her beautiful voice. She and Morrison have voices that mesh well together and the video's sad nature will get you thinking.

Watch James Morrison and Jessie J 'Up' Video