British singer-songwriter James Morrison has teamed up with Jessie J on his new single, 'Up,' and now the pair have released a teaser for the video, which shows the singers struggling with a broken relationship.

The clip only gives a small glimpse of the footage, which has been given a vintage treatment. The pop stars sing about each other's flaws in shots where they are both alone and together, adding to the tension of the song. The video for 'Up' is set to premiere on Saturday in the U.K.

Morrison's latest single is featured on his third full-length album, 'The Awakening,' which was released on Oct. 11. The new album is arguably the 27-year-old's most personal album to date, exploring topics like love, life and loss. Morrison became a dad in 2008, and sadly lost his father recently after a long battle with alcoholism and depression.

Morrison first arrived on the scene in 2006 with his soulful debut, 'Undiscovered,' which he followed two years later with 2008's 'Songs for You, Truths for Me.' Morrison released 'I Won't Let You Go,' the lead single from 'The Awakening,' on Sept. 27.

Watch the James Morrison 'Up' Video Teaser Feat. Jessie J