The Mercury Prize is England's, and arguably one of the world's, most prestigious music awards. Despite this, English 'Price Tag' songstress Jessie J has never heard of the prize, or this year's winner, fellow Brit and singer-songwriter PJ Harvey.

NME caught up with singer before an intimate gig in London -- where she spoke about her hopes to perform Oasis' 'Don't Look Back in Anger' on tour later this year -- and she had no signs of embarrassment as she easily admitted that she "lives in a bubble" and was in the dark about the Mercury Prize. "I didn’t see the ceremony, no, I was jet-lagged after a flight back from America so I had an early night. I live in a bubble. Could I be up for a Mercury next year? Possibly. I should probably find out what it is before then," Jessie J tells NME.

The music website then questioned Jessie J about the 2011 Mercury Prize winner PJ Harvey. Jessie went on to say that she had never heard of Harvey, who is by no means a hitmaker but a very accomplished and brilliant musician. According to NME, Jessie "vowed to explore [Harvey's] back catalogue" and also asked "Is she any good?"

We'll cut Jessie some slack here, since she is only 23 years old and PJ Harvey is by no means a mainstream artist. However, we are still perplexed that a musician who is an English native has not heard of the Mercury Prize. At least it's nice to know that Jessie J isn't full of it by trying to talk about a subject she's not familiar with!