Jessie J is taking a cue from hair dye queens Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, as the British songstress has changed her jet-black locks to a vibrant shade of purple. At a Blackberry event in London, England on Sept. 20, Jessie J showed off her new electric-colored locks on the red carpet. Later that evening, she performed for the masses gathered at the launch party for BBM Music and the Blackberry 7 Smartphone Collection.

Jessie J hit the red carpet wearing a red shirt dress and two-toned black leggings. Her footwear consisted of one blinged-out metallic gold shoe and a gold bejewled boot, which Jessie has been wearing for months now as she heals from a broken foot. She also performed upon a red and gold couch at the event, wearing a purple and green cosmic-printed leotard to match her new purple locks.

Before the show, she spoke to Gigwise about the surgery that followed the break, saying, "When I came around from my anaesthetic, my doctor said that the inside of my foot was like a Crunchie bar. They had to take all of it out, and had to put somebody else's bone in and they put a little plate on the other foot with four bolts so it is pretty sore." Although that image is quite graphic, it shows the gravity of Jessie's injury.

Check out these pictures of Jessie J on the red carpet in London and performing at the Blackberry event. What do you think of her new hair color? Do you like the purple, or do you prefer her original black hue?