The UK music bible Q is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, 25 different artists will grace the mag's cover for their own issue.

While that was probably a production nightmare for the art department, it's obviously a cool batch of collectibles for readers and fans, as they are collector's issues. British songbird Jessie J managed to snag one of those covers.

Jessie J's cover is what you'd expect from the 'Price Tag' singer. Her black mane has a high-gloss finish and blunt bangs, but it's grown out longer than her shoulders, which is different, since she usually wears it fixed in a bob. Her lips are painted a deep, crimson-y, plasma hue.

She's borrowing from Lady Gaga's playbook a little, since she wears a black bra top and high-waisted knickers, along with shredded tights. Those neck-breaker, patent-leather platforms are shinier than her hair and very Gaga-esque. That statement necklace is fashion-forward, too.

Other artists called out on the cover include Jay-Z, Coldplay and her fellow British songstress Florence Welch.

Another shot of Jessie from her Q shoot (see below) finds the singer with plum-stained lips and a large black topper, which she's paired with a champagne shade bustier with black piping. Hats are big in England. Didn't you watch the royal wedding, with all those female guests rocking ornate hats?