If you listen to the radio, chances are that you're familiar with Jessie J's distinct singing voice on tracks like 'Price Tag' and 'Domino.' But what you might not know is that this British gal uses her voice for much more than just singing.

Ms. J, born Jessica Cornish, is obviously a deep thinker, and she is very outspoken about social issues like bullying, as she herself suffered at the hand of others when she was young. However, Jessie J, who turns 25 today (March 27), has learn to overcome the "haters," and has also learned a lot about life in general on her path towards stardom.

As a tribute to her caring nature and kind, hopeful words, check out some of Jessie J's most inspirational quotes below and get down with love, Heartbeats!

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    "Never expect, never presume, always work hard and always be true to who you are."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "We all make mistakes. It's human. Just learn from them. Repeating them and being aware of it is the dangerous bit."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "The people who really love and care about you will always surface in time and stay in your life. Always."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "Trust Me. Life is not worth living feeling sad and down and lonely. Always be true to who you are."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "The rollercoaster has its ups and downs, loops and twists but enjoy the ride. We are all on it together."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "Do good. Inspire. Set an example to yourself and others. Have faith. Make your actions loud. Have fun. Be nice. Love strong."

    - Jessie J via Twitter
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    "Life isn't about winning, it's about learning if you lose."

    - Jessie J to Capital FM
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    "I want it to be less about sexuality and more about being comfortable in who you fall in love with. If I meet someone and I like them, I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl. You should never, ever apologize for anything that makes you happy."

    - Jessie J to Glamour
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    "We all have our moments of being fed up ... but give me your hand and I'll hold it. If you are being bullied I am thinking of you. You are not alone and it will get better. Don't let them win. It's okay not to be okay."

    - Jessie J via Facebook
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    "Being bullied means you’re special and that’s what I want all kids to know."

    - Jessie J to Glamour