British fashion plates Jessie J and Rita Ora are two of the six cover divas, shot by Rankin, for the fourth issue of The Hunger, a biannual mag that kicked off back in 2011.

Rapper Iggy Azalea is one of the other cover queens from the pop world, just in case you're curious, mag cover lovers! The ladies are featured as part of the publication's Girls issue, and boy, do they look hot!

Jessie is rocking full, glossy, raven-hued locks, which means that the cover had to be snapped before she shaved her head for charity for Red Nose Day. She's on trend with her silver, metallic mini skirt, ankle-strap heels and leather top.

The 'Domino' singer is also doing a cat-like claw with her hands. Meow! Dare we say this is one of the best looks she's ever sported? Yeah, it is.

Meanwhile, Ora is adhering to a slightly different trend, going the sexy librarian route with her blood-red pencil skirt, nerdy black glasses, and black and white bra top, which does flash some side boob! Bad Rita… or good Rita, perhaps?! It depends on who you ask.

However, we are not loving the thick black socks with chunky, strappy heels thing, though. It's a dowdy look and almost sinks Ora's style on this cover. We know she is unique and does her own thing, but socks and heels are fug and the antithesis of sexy.

Other than that, the gals are hot as hell! Check it out for yourself, as issues will be available on April 4.

Watch The Hunger Magazine Promo Clip