Jessie J is known for her glossy black bob and bangs. She has rocked several variations on that sleek, straight and signature 'do -- like dip dyes and added length -- and has often gone in the complete opposite direction, showing off long locks and a bangless center part. But the British pop singer is going to ditch her beautiful hair for charity by shaving her head tonight (March 15) for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day. Her act will benefit victims of sex trafficking.

In the video, the 'Domino' singer breaks down after she meets with a sex worker who was treated like an object and property. Jessie is moved to tears over the plight of sex trafficking victims, saying, "I have never been abused or had to apologize for anything that's made me happy. I have nothing to be afraid of. Shaving my head is the smallest thing I can do to give back to these people that need it so much."

Jessie J will shave her head on live TV during the telethon. So check back to see what she looks like hair-free.

The singer even tweeted about her upcoming act. Yes, we know, it's just hair and it will grow back, but most women are attached their follicles. To shave off one's hair is a courageous act. Jessie J's image is anchored by her hair -- it's her most definitive feature -- so this is a big deal for her.