Jessie J recently premiered her new video for 'Wild,' featuring assists from rappers Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal.

While her choreography might seem more ad-libbed in the black and white clip, Jessie's latest video actually brought another pop diva to mind -- Swedish electro-pop songstress Robyn, who dances her booty off in the epic clip for 'Call Your Girlfriend.' So, after viewing both videos, which do you like best?

For the most part, Jessie J is flying solo in her 'Wild' clip, as she dances and shows off that expressive face of hers in front of a series of cameras. It's almost like a behind-the-scenes look at a video, as she struts her stuff through a giant, vacant warehouse to the bright, white stage where she performs. Ms. J also shows off her amazing physique in a black bikini, wearing some huge door knockers earrings and rocking her newly buzzed blond hair as she dances around the illuminated set. And keep you eyes peeled for her sexy, leopard-painted nude shots!

Meanwhile, in her 2011 visual smash for 'Call Your Girlfriend,' Robyn is a one-woman show, dancing around an empty warehouse like it's her own personal nightclub. But while Jessie J is more fierce in her 'Wild' clip, Robyn is more cathartic and reflective in her dancing. After a while, the stark warehouse does kind of transform into a nightclub setting, as the music picks up around the chorus and a bunch of vibrant, colorful lights begin to brighten up Robyn.

Which music video do you like best, PopCrushers? Is it Jessie J's 'Wild' new clip, or Robyn's old-school but always amazing video for 'Call Your Girlfriend'? Vote below!

Watch the Jessie J 'Wild' Video Feat. Big Sean + Dizzee Rascal

Watch the Robyn 'Call Your Girlfriend' Video