Jessie J has released her new video for 'Who You Are' in which she stares intently into the camera while singing the title track of her debut album.

The clip shows the British vocalist focusing her attention on the lens, belting out her latest single. Several other shots show the 23-year-old on the stark white bed, but for the most part, she's in a stare-down session with the camera.

As the song progresses, it begins to rain in the room, drenching the pop star as she gives an emotional performance of the chorus of the song. Sparks begin to fly as the rain gets heavier, but, naturally, the singer weathers the storm in the end.

'Who You Are' is Jessie J's fifth official single, following 'Do It Like a Dude,' 'Price Tag' and 'Nobody's Perfect.' In the States, 'Domino,' a non-album track, was released as her second single as a follow-up to 'Price Tag.'

Due to an accident over the summer in which she broke her foot, the singer was forced to cancel sever tour and festival dates. She appeared on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards as the house artist in a cast, providing live entertainment during commercial breaks.

Watch the Jessie J 'Who You Are' Video