On songs like 'Price Tag' and 'Who's Laughing Now,' singer-songwriter Jessie J has shown off the humorous, playful and vengeful facets of her personality. Now, Jessie reveals the sincere, soulful side on 'Without You,' a heartbreaking ballad that recently leaked online.

This isn't one of those generic love ballads that lacks real feeling behind it. Jessie sounds downright tortured as she sings about the regret of not spending more time with her love when she had the chance: "Reality is crashing in and it hits me like broken glass / It's like my entire life just got really, really fast / Like a melting cloud, I'll cry out for you / Like an empty room, I'll be missing you."

The genuine emotion makes 'Without You' stand out. She continues, "We've got so much more to live / We've got so much more to do / Life won’t be the same without you / We've got so much more to laugh / So much more to lose / Life won’t be the same without you."

The production comes courtesy of Toby Gad, who certainly knows how to put together a hit ballad, based on his history with songs like Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' and Demi Lovato's new comeback single, 'Skyscraper.' He allows Jessie to soar vocally without cluttering the track with unnecessary gimmicks or distractions.

Let's hope 'Without You' appears on Jessie's next album. The British singer's latest release, 'Who You Are,' reached No. 11 in the US in April.

Listen to Jessie J, 'Without You'