Jessie Ware sings along to a danceable beat and '80s-style synths on 'Imagine It Was Us,' and if you didn't know any better, upon first listen you may mistake it for Sheena Easton.

We mean that in the best way.

Ware's soulful, smoky vocals are seductive and mysterious in the track, in which she appeals to a beautiful stranger: "Could it be a deep fantasy / Could it be a secret to keep / Are you waiting for something to me / Could you wait all night / (Imagine it was us) / Are you thinking about it like I do / I would all night / If it takes all night."

The song has a retro vibe that actually sounds new again -- think Prince and the Revolution, except with a Princess.

'Imagine It Was Us' will be available for pre-order on iTunes tomorrow (March 23) and will appear on Ware's 'Devotion,' due out April 16. Though she sings, "I don't know if this is wrong / But it's crept into my mind," we assure you: It's everything that's musically right -- and we guarantee it'll creep into your mind, too.

Listen to Jessie Ware, 'Imagine It Was Us'