Drake was having a helluva time in his video for 'HYFR.' The clip, which was shot at Temple Israel’s school in Miami, featured the Young Money superstar getting "re-Bar Mitzvah'd" and celebrating afterwards with friends and family. Harmless enough, right? Well, one Jewish official is not happy with the video.

Temple Israel president Ben Kuehne has denounced Drake's 'HYFR' video after Jewish website The Times of Israel showed him the profanity-laced clip.

"The complete video is certainly not consistent with Temple Israel’s longstanding history and reputation as a progressive voice in the Jewish Reform movement," said Kuehne. "Temple Israel does not adopt, condone, or sponsor any aspect of the Drake video, and was not involved in its production."

Kuehne did admit, however, that he allowed Drake and his film crew to shoot the video in his synagogue. He said Drake's team did pay a standard rental fee to use the facility and those involved in the filming were “very respectful and used the temple outside and inside as we would have expected anybody to do."

He also insists that the synagogue’s Torah scroll was not used in the video and no profanity was sung in the Temple Israel Sanctuary. In hindsight, Kuehne hoped that Drizzy's clip would help Jewish youth connect to Judaism.

While there are some who may feel Drake was mocking Judaism in his video, Jewish rapper Y-Love applauds Drizzy for embracing his religion so openly. "I'm ecstatic just to see Drake in a yarmulke period," he tells Times of Israel. "This is going to help a lot of Jewish kids of color stand up in the hood ... This is really going to help those kids."

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