If rabbits' feet are good luck, consider Jimmy Fallon's hands the inverse.

The Tonight Show host, who nearly lost a finger in a freak accident a few months ago, once again busted himself up during an award ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts this weekend. According to PEOPLE, Fallon, who was the recipient of the Harvard Lampoon's Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor, tripped and fell while holding a bottle of Jaegermeister and had to make a trip to Massachusetts General Hospital.

A source told the site Fallon stumbled over a girl who had kneeled down behind him when he wasn't looking, and though the sight of his tumble was presumably a scary one, the funnyman assured his Instagram followers yesterday (October 25) that he was fine.

"Nothing that a few band aids [sic] couldn't fix," he captioned the photo above.

In June, Fallon was forced to cancel a Tonight Show episode when he said he almost lost a finger to a freak accident.

"Tripped and caught my fall (good thing)! Ring caught on side of table almost ripped my finger off (bad thing)" he wrote on Twitter. A rep eventually told PEOPLE the incident required minor corrective surgery, but the consummate pro was back in front of the cameras in no time (albeit, with one eyesore of a cast).

Didn't think a human being could possibly be subjected to this level of misfortune? Here's hoping Jimmy's boo-boo heals soon (plus, at least he got a medal...?).

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