On Tuesday's (Aug. 12) episode of 'The Tonight Show,' Jimmy Fallon revealed his ruthless dark side in a hilarious 'House of Cards' parody, 'House of Cue Cards.'

Fans of the Netflix series are familiar with politician Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. From his Southern drawl to his consistency in breaking the third wall, the actor has made Underwood one of the most multi-faceted characters in on the small screen. Fallon mimics the character's mannerisms perfectly, right down to his stoic dialogue. Of course, Jimmy channels Frank's trademark ruthlessness into bolstering the success of his show.

No 'House of Cards' parody would be complete without a thrilling, suspenseful plotline -- and that's exactly what Jimmy gives us! Over the course of two 'House of Cue Cards' segments, he receives texts from an unknown sender that lead up to a climactic finale.

Who is this mystery person? Will Jimmy continue to rule the late-night game? Watch 'House of Cue Cards' in the videos above and below to find out!