In part of Jimmy Fallon's 'Timberweek,' the pop renaissance man himself Justin Timberlake delivered a predictably hilarious turn in a skit. This time, he and guest Steve Carell performed in 'Real People, Fake Arms' as 'Suit & Tie' experts.

Much like the title suggests, Timberlake and Carell use extremely obvious mannequin arms as they try to fashion a suit for Fallon. The entire thing is hilarious, but our favorite part was where Carell referenced Timberlake's former NSYNC bandmate: "Over here is a Lance Bass [suit]. It's been in the closet for years, but we've finally decided to take it out."


Of course, Timberlake has to promote his upcoming album 'The 20/20 Experience,' (out March 19) too, so he performed 'Let the Grove Get In' with the help of the Roots and a slew of backup singers. It will get you Grovin' for sure!

Watch Justin Timberlake + Steve Carell as the 'Suit & Tie' Experts on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Part 2

Watch Justin Timberlake Perform 'Let the Grove Get In' on 'Jimmy Fallon'