Try to imagine this scenario: one of your friends calls you up and tells you one of the most famous celebrities in the world wants to stop by your apartment to meet you, possibly to discuss a movie role, maybe to hang out, whatever. Oh, and it's happening in 10 minutes.

We understand the immediate panic that may set in, but hopefully your reaction is a little different from Jimmy Fallon's, which included running to his local convenience store, grabbing some corn chips and brie cheese, and leaving the worst impression ever when Nicole Kidman dropped by his place.

Oh, yeah. He totally blew it.

During a recent interview with Jimmy, Nicole brought up the story of the first (and only, prior to this interview) time the two met. Nicole had been romantically interested in Jimmy, so she had a mutual friend set them up. Jimmy had absolutely no idea that the possibility of winning her over existed in any capacity, so -- according to Nicole -- he didn't even try. Decked out in a sports cap and alleged sweat pants (that Jimmy vehemently denies), Jimmy barely uttered a word to Nicole and she left his place assuming he wasn't interested.

The best part of all this? It comes as a total shock to Jimmy. The look on his face is absolutely priceless and a totally genuine moment of realization followed up by instant regret. Jimmy spends the rest of the interview awkwardly mentioning Nicole's husband, Keith Urban, and even goes into an unnecessary diatribe about the different sides of Niagara Falls.

Of course, both Nicole and Jimmy are happily married, but it's still fun to think about what could've been. There's no way to do justice to the interview, so check it out above!

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