Jimmy Fallon says that when he dresses up like Taylor Swift, it's not a pretty sight. But the late-night comic wants you to tune in anyway to his post-Super Bowl special, in which he plans to impersonate Swift, Justin Bieber and others as part of a parody of 'The Voice.'

"We're gonna do a spoof of 'The Voice' where it's a bunch of different people auditioning for the new halftime show," he told Ann Curry and Al Roker on 'Today.' "I'm gonna do LMFAO, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift. Me as Taylor Swift is pretty ugly."

Fallon has already portrayed Bieber at least twice, both on his own show and on 'Saturday Night Live.' Will he also impersonate the 'Voice' judges? The only image scarier than Fallon as Taylor Swift is Fallon as Christina Aguilera.

The Super Bowl special will be shot live, so he warns, "Something's definitely going to go wrong." The program is scheduled to air at 12:35 ET late Sunday night. Of course, the premiere of the new season of 'The Voice' immediately follows the game on NBC.

Fallon has created lots of memorable music-themed sketches, like the History of Rap skits with Justin Timberlake. He has been taping his show all week in Indianapolis at the Hilbert Circle Theater, which often features classical music concerts. "We have the symphony playing with the Roots, so it's like hip-hop and classical mixed together," he says.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Discuss His Post-Super Bowl Special