After the 2015 Oscars last night (Feb. 22), Jimmy Kimmel introduced us to "The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting" and our lives haven't been the same since.

Much like Jack McFarland's "McFarland Method" on Will & Grace (yes, it's a throwback reference but it's happening), Jimmy Kimmel's "perfect acting" tips are pretty much anything but, and the results are pee-in-your-pants hilarious. Seriously, just check out some of the highlights below (and feast your eyes on the whole thing in the video above).

"What is the Kimmel School of Perfect Acting?" Benedict Cumberbatch asks with a dramatic pause. "Quite simply, it's the greatest acting school there ever was -- or ever will be."

Case in point? Attempting to get Eddie Redmayne to do the most stereotypical British accent ever by making him repeat the phrase "'Ello!" multiple times. (He later made him scream-cry and it was everything.)

Another one of our favorite moments was when Kimmel pretended to be a critic and basically destroyed Kristen Bell with every LOL-worthy diss imaginable.

"I saw Frozen last night," he deadpanned as the actress attempted to get a dramatic monologue out. "It was s---."

But the dramatic insults didn't stop there -- and neither did our tears. (From laughter, DUH.)

"So short. Such a short little person," Kimmel commented. "More like a hobbit than anything. Speak up, Muppet baby."

For all the rest of Jimmy Kimmel's acting tips -- and commentary from the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch and more -- check out the video above.

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