Aww, why do bad things always have to happen to good people? We were such fans of Crystal Bowersox, of 'American Idol' Season 9 fame, and thoroughly enjoyed her debut, 'Farmer's Daughter' -- but now it appears that the 'Idol' alum has been dropped by her label, Jive Records.

As MTV News reports, Bowersox's split with her label follows recent news that fellow Season 9 'Idol' alum Lee Dewyze was dropped by RCA last week, making Season 9 look positively cursed. Both artists only had one release under their respective belts before being axed. Poor kids never even had a chance to spread their wings and fly! (Admittedly, both Dewyze and Bowersox's records underperformed commercially.)

It sounds like Bowersox is keeping her head up about it, though; she told TVLine that she's happy to be on an indie label. "I'm not worried about where I'm gonna be," she said. "I'm gonna be making music, if it's on my own label or if it's with somebody else. I'd love to work with ATO, Dave Matthews' label. We'll see what happens." Regardless of where she ends up, she says that fans can expect a new release from her in early 2012, which, fortunately, isn't too far out.

Despite the bad news, Bowersox is set to make her acting debut next week in a guest starring spot on ABC's 'Body of Proof,' where she'll be playing a murderous inmate. We'll be watching -- if only to see whether she sports her signature dreads in the role.