Joe Jonas' video for 'Just in Love' is not simply a music video. It's a mini art film about falling love and the privileges and perils that come along with red-hot romance and passion. Jonas revealed slivers of the video leading up to its premiere, so there's no reason for him to deny his female fan base a coda in the form of a behind-the-scenes video, where he reveals some key details.

Jonas espouses his love for the city of Paris, where the action takes place. JJ has mad love for Paris for its food, culture and architecture. He even digs the weather. He considers the song a love story that he wrote when he was thinking about avoiding conflict in a relationship. The can of worms has been opened. Which relationship, Joe? Which?! Nah, he doesn't say.

He explains the obvious plot, how we follow him as he meets a girl in Paris, falls in love with her and they live together for a month, engaging in plenty of romance. Even though it's sexy and passionate, there are arguments and then Jonas has to leave. That's why love is a b---h.

But none of that is the big reveal. Jonas admits that he wrote the song "about relationship I was in, during the struggles, we were working things out. All I wanted to say is, 'I am just in love with you.' I said, 'Let's forget all this arguing and enjoy it." Could that be about his latest ex, Ashley Greene? That's our best bet.

Jonas did praise his hot co-star, calling her "sweet" and "beautiful." He had fun with her, but who wouldn't? She's a stunner and they got to hook up, no strings attached, for the camera. We can't think of anything more fun!

Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Joe Jonas' 'Just in Love'  Video