Joe Jonas -- aka the middle Jo Bro -- is spreading his wings and flying towards a solo career on the strength of his swoon-worthy new single, 'See No More,' which were are loving with a capital "L" at PopCrush.

The video follows Jonas as he heads off to play his first show as a solo artist at B96 SummerFest in Chicago. We get an intimate, as-if-we-were-there view of Jonas as he makes his way through the airport -- baggage claim, VIP lounge, seat assignment and all! If you watch closely, you will pick up on little details, like the sticker-covered laptop that Jonas uses; his flight number to Chicago O'Hare (it's 2216); and when his night ends (10:34 PM). It truly is a day-in-the-life of the incredibly handsome Jonas, who rocks a serious 5 o'clock shadow, as he gets ready to make his solo performance debut.

We see him hugging fans -- 9 out of 10 are female, if not 10 out of 10 -- and accompany him on his arrival at Toyota Park for the show. We see ladies chasing him and watch him practicing his dance moves in what looks like a hotel conference room. He is also seen shaking fans' hands and signing Details magazines that feature him on the cover. We also catch a glimpse of him backstage, moments before he launches into his performance. It's like we are part of Jonas' entourage. He is a pop music ambassador, that's for sure.

Jonas only addresses the camera once, saying, "It's first show of my solo career and it's very exciting." With no Kevin or Nick at either side, it's probably a thrilling and a little scary for Joe, but when he is anchored by a groovin' pop anthem like 'See No More,' which allows him to fill the void left by Justin Timberlake while he is on a self-imposed hiatus from music, it's incredibly clear that Jonas is on his way to a soaring solo career.

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