Sorry Nick, Kevin -- it's Joe Jonas' time to shine. It was just revealed that the middle JoBro will tag along with his teenage crush Britney Spears on her European tour this fall.

"It's a dream come true," Joe says of the huge news. "She was the first girl I ever had a poster on my wall of, and her album was the first CD I ever bought," he admits, adding, "It's so funny to think I had that on my wall and here I am about to perform with her."

We already knew that the JoBro had plans to open Brit's New Jersey show on Aug. 5, but the announcement that he will join her full 9-show Euro tour is a nice surprise ... Especially for European Jonas Brothers fans.

"I'm really looking forward to being part of this," Joe says. "I'll be playing more music than I have the past few times I've performed live so far. It's going to be really fun to perform some of my music from the album."

Britney's European Femme Fatale tour with Joe Jonas starts on Oct. 16, and will hit venues in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ireland and the UK.

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